The Heart of Foster Care


The biological families of children in foster care often need guidance and support just like the kids we care for. Our 4KIDS foster families go the extra mile by loving and even advocating on behalf of biological parents. *Kevin was just 7 weeks old when he came to 4KIDS foster parents Amanda and Curt—and it was love at first sight. But as much as they loved having Kevin in their home, they quickly wanted to find ways to support Kevin’s biological mom, *Sarah. At just 23 years old Sarah was battling addiction, but desperately wanted to do better. When Amanda and Curt learned more about Sarah, her struggles hit close to home. Curt’s parents had struggled with addiction and they saw Kevin and Sarah as their chance to redeem and restore not just one life but two.

After their first meeting Amanda and Sarah’s relationship developed with letters they exchanged and weekly visits. And as time went on Sarah began doing better and better, following all her steps to a full recovery as a healthy mom.

When it was time for Kevin to transition back to Sarah’s home there were advocates, support workers, and lawyers all sitting around a table trying to come up with a strategic plan. But Sarah, Amanda, and Curt were like family, all talking about what would be best for Kevin. The lawyer sat back and said, “This could only be a 4KIDS case!” Everyone involved was working together for the best interest of this little boy—it’s how fostering works best.

Amanda and Curt now visit with Kevin and Sarah weekly and though they have transitioned away from being Kevin’s foster parents, Sarah has honored them by promoting them to their new role as Kevin’s Godparents. The families recently celebrated Kevin’s baptism and his 1st birthday together. Amanda eagerly explained, “THIS is how fostering should be.” Amanda and Curt gave their hearts to Sarah and Kevin; in the process they brought a family back together.

*Names and picture changed to protect the identities of the kids and families we serve.