Sisters Reunited


Last August, four siblings (two boys and two girls) were removed from their home and separated into four different homes. Three of the siblings were able to be in 4KIDS homes.

All four foster families began building a relationship so that these siblings could see each other on weekends and holidays. One 4KIDS mom, Niria, felt compelled to keep sisters Ciara* and Chloe* together.

After a few months, Niria received news that the Chloe could live with Ciara in Niria’s home! Now all 4 children are in 4KIDS homes and the families continue to help build strong bonds between these siblings.

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For 20 years you’ve been providing loving families so siblings can stay together, which lessens the trauma they endure.

Becoming a 4KIDS monthly Defender provides kids with the strong defense they need to heal, month after month. 4KIDS Defenders don’t give up on children. To find out more about becoming a 4KIDS Defender, click here.



*Names have been changed to protect the identity of our children