Defying the Odds


Some kids’ stories stop me dead in my tracks. That happened to me a few weeks ago when I visited our 4KIDS family-style home, Girls Place, with my wife Michelle. There are 4 sisters there who just got reunited after being separated from each other for a long time. I could feel their joy and see their security was restored.

These girls were incredibly welcoming to us. Each girl, so beautiful and energetic, was proud to show us their home and the little treasures they each had in their rooms. Michelle saw a picture in one of the girls’ rooms and asked who it was. These little girls explained that the picture was of their mom who had passed away.

It was a surreal moment of vulnerability on the part of these sisters and our chance to embrace them. After spending time comforting and praying with them, they excitedly asked when Michelle and I would be back. We knew in our hearts that God had made this time so special and that we had to come back again. Michelle returned later to bake cupcakes and to continue to love and encourage these girls. I have no doubt we will continue to see these incredible girls that God placed in our lives.

Statistics say that keeping 4 siblings together in foster care is next to impossible, but because of you we are continuing to defy the odds until every child has a home!